Campus Connect

Connecting Prospective and Enrolled Students

Let Campus Connect help you to increase student yield rates and reduce early attrition through powerful peer-to-peer communication that helps prospective students develop a sense of belonging and connection with your institution.

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Connects prospective and enrolled students in meaningful peer-to-peer communication.


Connects prospective students to each other.


Connects students to your campus early in the recruitment process.

All institutions have motivated students willing to connect with prospective students about their college experiences.

Campus Connect invites these students into meaningful peer-to-peer communication that connects prospective students early on with your campus.

Launch the student lifecycle by inviting your most positive and motivated students into the student recruitment and admission process.

Campus ambassadors join the platform to engage with prospective students in real-time discussions.

These kinds of interactions are especially important to students, who need to feel a positive and authentic connection with their intended institution. 

The Campus Community team works closely with each institution to help train its student ambassadors on using the platform and begin building meaningful relationships with prospective students. 

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