Classmate Connect

Bridges new student support services with first-to-second year retention.

Let Classmate Connect help you support students during their critical first year on campus through the formation of meaningful and lasting relationships with their classmates.

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Bridges students of disparate backgrounds together in pursuit of shared interests.


Bridges admissions with successful first year matriculation.


Bridges the first year with subsequent years to support retention and persistence.

A robust platform that enables the process of bridging students from disparate backgrounds together in a shared discovery of new interests and pursuits. 

Classmate Connect brings together students based on shared interests, unfiltered by perceptions of appearance, background or belief, leading to new friendships and new communities of learning beyond their chosen disciplines or fields of study.  

These early connections foster an immediate sense of belonging and integration with the campus community, which is especially important during the first year on campus.

Ideal for new student orientation and first-year experience programming.

Classmate Connect gives institutions a readymade platform with which to jumpstart the student integration and campus adjustment process. 

Enabling new students to quickly connect with one another over shared interests, hobbies, and passions throughout their first year on campus. Additionally, students can seek study buddies, language exchange partners, exercise partners and roommates. This early stage in the student lifecycle is critical to ensuring a smooth start and retention.

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