Community Connect

Integrating stakeholders into a virtual campus hub for resource sharing and information exchange

Let Community Connect help you launch a new era of responsible social networking among your campus stakeholders by empowering users to be engaged and informed stewards of the campus community.

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Integrates the campus community through online learning communities, discussion forums, and shared knowledge generation.


Integrates all stakeholders into the virtual life of the institution through active resource sharing, rapid information flow, and communicative ease.


Integrates academic and career planning to boost industry alignment and career readiness.

A next generation “Hub” for integrating students and key stakeholders into the social, academic, and virtual life of the campus community through active resource sharing and information exchange.

Community Connect provides a private network and moderated forum for your students and campus stakeholders to engage as active and contributing stewards of the campus community.

The platform allows for the creation and management of themed groups, student learning communities, and student discussion forums. The platform becomes a virtual “Hub” on campus where users can share campus news and resources and utilize online bulletin boards. Faculty and staff can share learning resources, research opportunities, and share announcements.

Career Readiness and Alumni Engagement

With Community Connect, institutions can invite employers to connect with current and graduating students.  Employers can inform students of employment opportunities and other activities that promote career readiness, such as internships, summer employment, mentorship programs, etc.

Even your alumni remain active on the platform. Community Connect provides a familiar platform for most loyal alumni to remain engaged with the institution and keep attuned to what is happening after graduation  There is no need to struggle with introducing alumni to a new communications platform.  Community Connect integrates students into the life of the campus community early on and keeps them engaged well into the future as key campus stakeholders.

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