A unified platform purposely designed to increase recruitment, enrollment, retention and alumni relations, while enhancing engagement throughout the entire student lifecycle

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The Challenge

U.S. institutions generally accept over 60% of all undergraduate applications and yet, only about 22% of these applicants ever matriculate.

First to second year retention is only 75%, meaning 1 in 4 students drop out in their first year.

Only 60% of undergraduates persist to graduation within 6 years.

While many institutions value alumni engagement, that loyalty accounts for only 11% of annual giving.

Campus Community offers a comprehensive platform that bridges recruiting and admissions, first to second year retention, and persistence to graduation by harnessing the power of community engagement across the student lifecycle.

Why Campus Community

Top 10 Reasons to Utilize Campus Community


Fosters a sense of belonging among students prior to arrival on campus.


Connects new students with current students around shared interests.


Builds bridges among all students: international, in-state and out-of-state.


Boosts diversity awareness by bringing students of disparate backgrounds together in a safe space.


Inspires internationalization at home.


Encourages intercultural exchange and competency development.


Generates knowledge exchange and creation among learning communities.


Increases student engagement in the life of the institution.


Streamlines peer-to-peer communication and support.


Intensifies high-impact learning and reflection.

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