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Build community, increase yellow-shape yield!

Campus Community is a next-generation student engagement ecosystem, designed for international admissions offices to reduce summer melt, boost enrollment, and streamline communication and student support while connecting admitted students and building community like never before! 

Our technology-driven approach gives institutions an all-in-one software solution for student engagement. Our tools help busy administrators and staff leverage the power of diverse communities such as student ambassadors,  parents, and alumni to boost enrollment for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Our suite of student engagement software solutions is a high-impact, low-lift tool to enable international admissions professionals to foster an immediate sense of belonging among students while accelerating meaningful real-life connections with classmates, faculty, staff, and campus communities prior to arrival on campus, ensuring you build community and improve yield, no matter your office size or bandwidth!

Safety First

Your private institutional branded, mobile app provides a safe space for your prospective and admitted students to engage,  build community, and receive streamlined communication, alerts, and student support.

Our all-in-one approach is designed to reduce app fatigue and yield the highest student engagement rates.

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Ambassadors yellow-shape Chat

A “recruitment/marketing” tool connecting prospective students with campus ambassadors for real-time student-to-student communication.

Increase student yield rates and reduce early attrition through powerful Student2Student communication that helps prospective international students develop a sense of belonging, engagement and connection with your institution.

  • Student-to-Student, Student-to-Advisor - Including Alumni, Faculty and Staff
  • Minimum barriers to launch (no website integration necessary)
  • Foster an early sense of belonging for underrepresented populations (first-generation students, minority groups, etc.)
  • Machine learning that provides conversation insights driving market intelligence
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Communication & Support yellow-shape

Are your international students not responding to emails? We´ve got you covered with our Communication and Support Management solution! 

Streamline student support with mobile-first communication

  • Broadcast Messages with push notifications
  • Group Forum with Moderation Tools
  • Direct Messages
  • Group Messages
  • Tasks Manager
  • Pre-arrival Events Management (Scheduling, Invitations, Automated Reminders, Attendance Tracking, Post-Event Engagement)
  • Quick Links (Link all support and information links in one location)
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International Parent yellow-shape Engagement

Level up your international parental engagement strategy and bring parents from around the world out of their inboxes and directly into the online community. This results in increased yield through regular and asynchronous communication, boosting parental confidence, trust, and community engagement. 

Example tactics to complement your parental engagement strategy:

  • Streamline parental communication via Broadcast and Direct Messages with push notifications
  • Convey safety protocol communication and provide parents an overview of the safety measurements in place at the institution ensuring peace of mind
  • Create Regional / Country groups enabling your prospective and admitted students' parents to discover other parents and alumni from the same location
  • Highlight student success stories from the location /major of the student
  • Aggregate all of your social media into one location for your parents to easily digest and discover campus life
  • Showcase outcomes and starting salaries and the resources that are available to find a student's first job.
  • Stage a Parental address / Town Hall Webinar with the President, or other leadership of the institution

Reassure your institution is the best-fit option for the student and family

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Admitted Student Communities

Campus Community is an essential milestone in
your admitted student's journey.

1. Receive Acceptance Letter 
2. Join the Admitted Student Community & participate in yield events
3. Build connections with future classmates and campus communities
4. Foster an early sense of belonging and connection
5. Deposit and commit to enroll 🎉


Jumpstart the student engagement and adjustment process prior to arrival on campus , whilebuilding meaningful relationships based on shared interests, hobbies, majors, and more.

  • Friendship Matching
  • Housing Support (Roommate Quiz)
  • Study Buddy / Study Group Matching
  • Micro-communities (Create micro-communities based on special interests and shared needs)
  • Student Clubs & Organizations Matching
  • Language / Cultural Exchange Matching
  • Student - Student Mentorship & Support Programs*
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Support Programs*

*Ecosystem can be used for your existing support programs
Fostering an early sense of belonging just got a whole lot easier! 


Boost Student Engagement

  • Automated introductions
  • Private chats
  • Group chats
  • Forum / Themed discussion boards
  • Virtual engagement events, challenges and gamification
  • New Student Orientation engagement events


Increase Belonging

  • Foster an early sense of belonging
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Build community
  • Enable minorities to find each other and create meaningful friendships and communities
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Our approach reduces silos and breaks down barriers that hinder effective engagement while empowering the institution with unparalleled access and insights, in an easy-to-use all-in-one ecosystem.

International Alumni Engagement

Invite your loyal international alumni to a private alumni community platform to increase engagement and stay connected with your institution while boosting lifelong support, giving, and strengthening alumni relationships. This allows institutions to better connect with recent graduates by including them in an open house, recruitment, and yield events to add a personal touch.

  • Career Networking: Internships, job opportunities, and volunteer options
  • Career Support: Coaching, resume building, mock interviews, negotiation skills, and maximizing results at a job fair
  • Themed Discussion Boards
  • Event management & promotion

Why Campus Community yellow-shape over others?

Campus Community is designed to maximize student engagement by building meaningful first connections and fostering an immediate sense of belonging at scale.

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