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Campus Community is an innovative ecosystem poised to revolutionize student engagement across institutions of higher education. The all-in-one software solutions are designed to foster a sense of belonging while providing a singular technology hub for the entirety of a student’s journey, from prospective enrollee to alumni.

The ecosystem is designed and managed by a dynamic team of professionals representing all aspects of higher education, including public and private universities, private colleges, and community and technical colleges. Our competitive edge comes from trust and experience as with thought leaders and practitioners in the field with a collective experience of over 125 years of professional experience in international student engagement.

Welcome to the community!

Christian Alyea

Co-Founder and CEO

Filip Lintner

Chief Technological Officer

Leonardo Gubinelli

Head of Investor Relations

Lou Greenwald

Head of Business Development

Patricia Batova

Head of Customer Success

PJ Shoulders

Head of Institutional Partnerships

Lauren Salisbury

Head of Marketing

Arcadia Shoulders

Marketing Manager

Alessandra Bernacchia

Senior Graphic Designer

Joe Nacouzi

Software Engineer

Kwesi Ewoodzie PhD


George Kacenga PhD


Anthony Ogden PhD


Jarvis Redwine Jr.


Heejung Sisk


Greg Wymer


Our Mission yellow-shape

At Campus Community, our mission is to create thriving communities centered around discovery, engagement and belonging. We do this by assisting higher education institutions with an all-in-one student engagement ecosystem that  reduces spending and staff workload,  while boosting meaningful  engagement  throughout all stages of the student lifecycle, from prospective student to alumni, thereby increasing student recruitment, retention, engagement and success.

Our Purpose yellow-shape

At Campus Community, we believe connected and engaged communities driven by a sense of belonging are the foundation of a strong educational institution. By leveraging innovative technologies and emerging modalities for student learning and engagement, institutions can build and nurture connections that empower vibrant communities.

Our Founder

Campus Community was created by Christian Alyea, who is also the co-founder and chief innovation officer of Study Abroad Association. Christian led the development of Campus Community as a reimagining of what's possible with campus engagement in higher education and how emerging technology can be leveraged to connect students and campus communities in ways we haven’t seen before.

Christian has been working in international higher education since 2009 and has assisted over 250 institutions with internationalizing their institutions through faculty-directed programming and virtual global learning. Additionally, he has personally directed over one hundred education abroad programs with more than 1,500 diverse students and faculty across six continents. Throughout his career, he’s seized all opportunities to deeply understand the educational challenges that institutions face and collaborate on the development solutions that harness the power of community engagement.

Christian’s Journey

Throughout Christian's journey, fostering a true sense of community and belonging has been a guiding philosophy.

Christian's journey began in 2000 when he joined the Global Buddy program at his high school in Oklahoma. The program connected visiting Rotary exchange students with local students who would serve as cultural ambassadors and provide friendly peer-to-peer support. This experience led to the creation of meaningful friendships with dozens of international students from across the globe, leaving Christian with the desire to become an exchange student himself!

Christian was selected as a Rotary exchange student in 2005 and invited to spend one year on exchange in Košice, Slovakia where he would attend high school and live with a local host family. During that year he had the opportunity to learn alongside exchange students from 50 countries in addition to his Slovak host, an experience that has shaped his career and propelled him as a life-long learner.

In fact, Christian later attended the City University of Seattle in Bratislava, Slovakia where he spent the next four years completing his degree in business administration with students from around the world.

In 2009, Christian founded Oklahoma Study Abroad, an education abroad organization created to make global education opportunities more accessible. In 2017, he teamed up with his long-time Italian exchange student friends to launch the Study Abroad Association (SAA).

Study Abroad Association has since become a global education network of over 250 higher education institution members, with global operations in more than 50 countries across six continents. SAA specializes in customized faculty-directed education abroad programming and immersive online learning and engagement. SAA has educated thousands of students and through, 360 Global Learning Experiences, Christian and his team anticipate making global education accessible to all. 

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